Stateline Veterinary Service and SVH Supply has been serving Large Animal producers in South East Wisconsin and Northern Illinois for over 20 years.  Aside from general veterinary care, we provide:

  • Dairy Herd Management and Milk Quality
  • IVF and Embryo Transfer services
  • Donor Housing  
  • General on-farm surgery
  • Nutrition Consultation and Ration Development
  • Reproductive Management/Troubleshooting
  • Vaccination and Treatment Protocol Development
  • Wholesale Veterinary supply and equipment
  • Dairy Equipment Service and Installation


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Art Mueller DVM              

Dagmara Schroeder DVM  

Dan Gander DVM           

David Chapman DVM     

Fred Gromalak DVM           


Veterinary Care


Bobbie Luckey - SVH Supply 

Dawn  Fritz​  - SVH Supply       

Dana Brandl BS - SVS Repro   

7 W Beloit Street       Darien , Wi

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Location and Hours

Diana Grenawalt BS - SVS Repro & Web Design

Kathy Duhigg - SVS & SVH Supply  

Meghan Bergman MS - Milk Quality

Sara Koukol - SVS, SVH Supply, & IVS

Monday - Friday  8 am - 5 pm

Saturday    8 am - 12 noon

We offer 24 Hour Emergency Service