Stateline Milk Quality Specialist

   Providing clients with on farm milking evaluations along with in-house diagnostic milk cultures helping producers market the highest quality milk. 

  • Routine cow cultures
  • Bulk Tank culturing
  • Bedding cultures
  • Pasteurizer sampling
  • Colostrum checks
  • Microbiology supplies
  • Milking Time assessment
    • Milker Evaluation
    • Milking routine evaluation
    • Teat end condition scoring
    • Udder hygiene scoring
  • On-farm culture training
  • Identification of individual clinical and subclinical mastitis cases
  • DHIA record evaluation (identifying key risk factors that influence milk quality)
  • Meetings & Reports
    • Quarterly meetings to discuss progress and goals
    • Monitoring clinical cases cultured
    • Assessment reports
  • Milking Procedure training

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